"Russart", a holding type corporation established in California, USA. Russart commenced its activities in 1971 by distributing films produced by Russian studios in the USA. Since 1973 Russart - impresario of well-known Russian celebrities, opera and ballet stars, cinema, theatres, variety show, and many others famous Russian stage performers, that toured in the USA and other countries and performed in festivals and concerts organized by Russart. Thus Russart becomes a reliable partner in organizing tours and entertainment of the best representatives of creative intellectuals. 

Simultaneously in 1973 Russart opens a subsidiary International Travel Department (STR # 1018019), and since then to the present time, is an active partner of Intourist, Inc. and other tourist companies specialized in organizing travel in Russia. At the same time Russart signs an agreement with the International Law Association "Injurcollegia", and in result many legal matters including Probate Court cases in the USA were successfully resolved. Later this activity permitted Russart to establish direct contacts with American and Russian legal institutions and provide the clients with the necessary legal services in its Center of Official Documentation. Legal and Immigration Services are provided by Mr. Christopher Kerosky, Attorney at Law, a well-known, experienced and competent lawyer, a reputable Russian Attorney, Mr. Alexey Pozdniakov. 

In 1988 Russart opens its representation office in Moscow , which is successfully operating till the present time. At the same time Russart starts to organize Business Seminars in the USA for leaders of large scale Russian business. More than 400 directors of Oil, Gas, Banks, Internal Revenue Service, Gold mines and other leading enterprises from Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Latvia and other republics of the former Soviet Union visited the United States for business training, marketing, management based on Russart programs. A group of 40 Moscow City Government Construction Department top executives visited the USA on the same business program. Since 1977 several groups of Russian Sea Ports executives have also visited the USA for business training. Russart business programs have been always devised for business seminars with the primary aim to establish business contacts between American and Russian business. The Mangaer of our Moscow office is Luidmila  Nikolayevna Zvyagina.

Since 1990 Russart started to establish business contacts with Russian enterprises by opening representation offices and forming corporations in California, providing consulting with specialist within the realm of business activity, legal services, finance and taxation, business visas support, partners' reliability, full service during stay in the USA. In 1996 Russart became member of American Chamber of Commerce in Russia.

Mr. Dmitry Gribanowski, son of Russians who emigrated after the Revolution of 1917, is the founder and President of Russart, Inc. He has considerable length of business activity in Asia, Europe and the USA, and transformed Russart into a reputable holding type structure.

Russart is an active member of:

American Chamber of Commerce in Russia (AmCham)
International Air Transport Association (IATA)
San Francisco Global Trade Council (SFGTC)
Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA)
American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA)
Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC)